About James Childs: The basis of James Childs art today is his study with R. H. Ives Gammell and Richard Lack, an education based in Boston Impressionism and the traditions of the Ecole des Beaux Arts transmitted through Gammell's master, William McGregor Paxton who studied with Dennis Miller Bunker and the great Gerome in Paris. Childs amplified these studies by extensive copying of the Masters and comparative research in 19th. Century and Renaisance painting and drawing. The Greek aesthetic informs his personal ideal. James Childs Paintings can be described as a modern hybrid of Classical Greek idealism, the influence of the Fifteenth Century Italian "gusto grande", and the refinement of the great French Academic masters of 19th. Century France. His color is inspired by his personal reaction to nature, to Boston Impressionism and to French Post-Impressionism.v. Read The Bio...
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