About Sir Henry Raeburn: The Scottish portrait painter, Sir Henry Raeburn (4 March 1756 - 8 July 1823) was born the son of a manufacturer in Stockbridge, a former village now within the city of Edinburgh. Sir Henry Raeburn died in St Bernard's House, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

In 1812 Sir Henry Raeburn was elected president of the Society of Artists in Edinburgh, in 1814 associate, and in the following year full member of the Royal Scottish Academy. In 1822 he was knighted by George IV and appointed His Majesty's limner for Scotland. He died at Edinburgh.

Sir Henry Raeburn was unusual amongst many of his contemporaries, such as Reynolds, in the extent of his philosophy of painting everything directly from life. This attitude partly explains the often coarse modelling and clashing colour combinations he employed, in contrast to the more refined style of Thomas Gainsborough and Reynolds. However these qualities and those mentioned above anticipate many of the later developments in painting of the nineteenth century from romanticism to Impressionism.

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